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Suzy Fielders

Suzy Fielders, President of Across the HorizonsSuzy is the President of Across the Horizons and manages the daily operations of the company. She oversees and contributes to all marketing and communication projects for the company. Her areas of expertise are writing, social media campaigns, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and event management.

She was in the position as Marketing Associate for The Hayes Group International from 2011 to 2017, where she was responsible for the Hayes Group’s marketing and communications efforts, including all print and electronic platforms, social media, and planning the public workshops, annual Leadership Experience and in October 2016 the company’s 40th Anniversary Celebration (which had over 150 attendees). Prior to joining The Hayes Group, Suzy worked in the Marketing Department at Topsider Homes in Clemmons, NC. She handled all their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), social media and marketing analytics. She also worked in the communications department at Coker College in Hartsville, SC, where she wrote press releases, maintained the website and handled photography.

She is currently involved in the Winston-Salem community by serving on the Recreation and Parks Commission of Winston-Salem. She also recently was appointed as a Marketing & Development Partner for the newly formed non-profit organization Winston-Salem Ambassadors. She previously served on the marketing committee of the Children’s Museum of Winston-Salem and was the VP of Public Relations on the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.

Suzy is a freelance writer and has written for various websites and print publications. Her writing portfolio includes both online and print assignments. She wrote for five years for the national website & currently writes for CBS Miami. Her articles published in N.C. magazines including Winston-Salem Monthly Magazine, Carolina Weddings, Wilmington Parent Magazine. Piedmont Parent Magazine, and Forsyth Family Magazine. She is also a frequent blogger for the popular local mom site, Triad Moms on Main. Recently, she has written several articles for CBS Small Business Pulse covering issues important to small business owners. Click here for her full writing portfolio.

Suzy has a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Psychology from Coker College and a Master of Arts in Communication Studies from The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She was a part of the University of South Carolina’s Integrated Marketing Graduate Program. Her graduate studies at UNCG included extensive research and a Capstone on Discursive Leadership in Non-Profit Organizations.

Suzy has a 10 year old daughter named Sarah who is very much into the ‘arts’!


Sandy Harper

Sandy Harper, VP of Across the HorizonsSandy is the Vice President of Across the Horizons. She is responsible for discovering new clients and following through on current projects. Her areas of expertise are public relations, writing, marketing strategy, social media, and fund raising. Her passion for working toward developing local companies’ place within the community leads to happy and loyal clients.

Along with her work at Across the Horizons, Sandy is also a freelance writer. Sandy’s articles have been published in local magazines and on websites, including well known site Triad Moms on Main. She has her own blog Plaid, Pearls, and Stains where she discusses everything from mom life to spreading the word on local events, places and businesses she loves.

Sandy works on public relations endeavors for SoundLizzard Productions in Winston-Salem, NC, for several years, where she carried out their social media, event planning and promotional efforts. She still works on writing their newsletters when needed. She also has a strong background in education and served as a tutor in a variety of subjects for many years.

Sandy has a degree in Business Administration/International Business. She has also taken continuing education classes in Communications on Creative Writing and Magazine Writing. Taking communications a step deeper, she’s even taken American Sign Language classes.

Sandy has a 3 year old son named Noah who enjoys exploring everything around him and a 7 month old daughter named Savannah!