Bill Kohls Photo-Video & Media

February’s Photographer of the Month is Bill Kohls Photo-Video & Media.

Bill Kohls Photo-Video & Media is owned by Bill Kohls. Bill’s mission is to capture moments before they pass and bring laughter and joy to people through the magic of photography and video. To learn more about Bill read his about page.
Bill Kohls
Bill specializes in portraits, couples, families, commercial and outdoor media. His video specialties include commercial work and weddings. Bill is a major outdoor enthusiast and works with multiple tackle companies as well as professional anglers for all of their photography and video needs.
Bill Khols Photo-Video & Media
Here are 3 tips by Bill Kohls Photo-Video & Media for local small businesses wanting to do a photo shoot for themselves, their team and/or products.


1. Marketing….Public Relations….Product….Image….Photography….SALES! Do you follow my logic?

These six simple words can make or break a business. With so many different ways to reach your customer with today’s technology, how are you going to set your business apart? Photography and Video! Too many companies pass up this important marketing tool and fail to take advantage of this simple process. These photos make sure you are catching the customer’s eye every time. The marketing world runs on Photography and Video…. and the demand is growing every day. It’s something as simple as light-box images of the quality of your products or photos of your products being used in the environment it was created for. It could be a video showcasing your beautiful establishment or clients enjoying the location. So do yourself a favor and look into setting your business apart with Photography and Video!

Bill Kohls Photo-Video & Media2. Photography is a great way for companies to market their products and services. With so many different ways to reach your clients, make sure you are getting the pictures that will get their attention. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the powerhouses that connect you with your client base. Why not engage your customer base with something that catches their eye?

  • 89% of all home buyers shop online!
  • On average listing with professional photos have a 139% higher click rate!
  • 80% of LUXURY homes are not professionally photographed (COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE)

Bill Kohls Photo-Video & Media3. What should I wear? This is the number one question asked for sessions. It’s simple….. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. There are some general “photography” rules about when to wear patterns or solids but I am down for anything. If you want any advice on the topic just shoot me an email or give me a call and we can chat for hours about what color undershirts to wear.

Unlike many photographers in the area Bill also offers videography. Watch one of his real estate videos below or click here.

For more information on Bill Kohls Photo-Video & Media or to set up a photo or video shoot visit his website.

Q&A with Bill Kohls Photo-Video & Media:

Q: How can videos enhance your marketing efforts?

A: Video is the newest and most effective way to market your business. There are tons of marketing studies out that show a 3-5 minute video can communicate as much as a million words to your customer base. A lot of the work I do follows that same approach. I take the clients main purpose or product and make sure that the videos are not only showcasing them but in a creative way to evoke emotions.

Q: What about for companies that do not sell products they could showcase in a video – what do you recommend they do their videos on, outside of straight talking for a couple minutes?

A: A new video style I am seeing is profiles. A big part of the stuff I do is Real Estate videos. This can be anything from a downtown loft to a multi-million dollar property. As part of that Realtors ask me all the time to do profile videos on them as a person. Its to sell who they are. In those it shows who the person is with what they can offer and some shots of properties they have listed or are currently listing. Also we throw in past home buyers or sellers saying why they liked working with that person.

Other things to showcase when people don’t sell a product is who they are. Capturing someone’s spirit through video is very rewarding for both me and the person on the other end. I have been approached before to shoot family parties, generational videos and events.

Small businesses are the ones that need to really seat down and think about video. This could be a local bar, spa, t-shirt shop or new restaurant. Customers have so many different places to choose from and if you’re the only business that has a video really showing what you have, the atmosphere and your style you will get more business.

Q: Do you think word-by-word scripted or winging it is better for such videos? Or maybe a combination of both/somewhere in the middle?

A: As the shooter I try to plan my shoots out as much as possible before hand. This is more for angles that I want, locations and the overall feel for the video. For some, being in front of the camera is very scary so I try to be ready with some scripting, but if you really want to get the true story you have to make the person forget the camera is there. I really try to make it more fun than have them thinking about what is happening around them.

Q: How can clients display these videos? Is it through YouTube or other video platforms?

A: For most Youtube is the best route. It is the second largest search engine behind Google and I don’t see that slowing down. That is why its so important for companies to start now and get ahead of the game. There are other sites like Vimeo which are also great and have a huge following. My best advice for companies is to get a professional video done and have it right on their front page. It shows customers that you take the time to marketing correctly and it makes it more interactive.

Q: How do you get around when people really do not like having their video taken?

A: I make it fun. If I notice that the person is having a hard time or not getting what they want across I will get them laughing. Outtakes make great memories. I will also stop and see if the person would be more comfortable with me asking questions and having more of a conversion than just staring at the camera saying what they are all about. The companies and folks I work with love what they do or have put their entire life into it. Most love it so much that they can’t stop talking about it and that is when you really see what a business is about.

Q: Like with photography, do you worry about time of day you are shooting and the lighting? Or is that something editing can fix?

A: Yes lighting can be tough at times. With video you have to be worried about lighting stuff up more. Most of the photography stuff I do is natural light which makes it easy to pick a time. For video you have to usually bring lights due to buildings be somewhat dark. With video you can be very creative with how you want the feel to be. For example if you want a scene to feel dark and mysterious its easy but in the same scene bring some lights in and it takes on an entire different feeling.