Bowman Gray Photography

April’s Photographer of the Month is Bowman Gray Photography!

Bowman Gray Photography is owned by Winston Salem native Bo Gray. Bo’s love for photography began at the age of 13. His goal is to try and capture the truth and emotion of that very moment and place in which the photo is taken. To learn more about Bo visit his about page.

Bo Gray
Bo Gray of Bowman Gray Photography

Bo specializes in portrait, event and landscape photography. His first official photography assignment was to photograph historic sights in Bethania, NC. The photos were portrayed in a book honoring Bethania’s 250th anniversary (Bethania: The Village By The Black Walnut Bottom; Bevelry Hamel, 2009). He has photographed celebrities, politicians and athletes; including Mariel Hemingway, Richard Petty, Vice President Biden, Andy Roddick and John Isner.

stone arch bridge (minneapolis) by Bo GrayHere are 3 tips by Bowman Gray Photography for local small businesses wanting to do a photo shoot by a professional photographer for themselves, their team and/or products.

1. When choosing a location, consider that the most important issue will always be lighting. If shooting outdoors, generally overcast skies offer the most consistent light; however, either morning or late afternoon offer the warmest and most dramatic light. Avoid bright mid-day shoots. If shooting indoors, avoid sterile/bland settings. Opt for brightly lit rooms/offices with plenty of contrast in the background.

pilot mtn by Bo Gray2. In today’s photo consuming public with social media only offering a moment for your image to make a statement, it must have a dramatic quality or “pop” to grab the attention and get the click through.

3. Make sure to communicate the feel that you are trying to capture and impress. Take time to look at the work done by several photographers to determine who shares your vision. Each has their own preferences and idiosyncrasies and while some may be influenced by others, ultimately each one’s work is unique.

action shot by bo grayFor more information on Bowman Gray Photography or to set up a shoot visit his website.