Eddie Reynolds Photography

Our Photographer of the Month for February 2015 is… Eddie Reynolds Photography!

Eddie ReynoldsEddie Reynolds Photography is owned by local photographer Eddie Reynolds.

While he excels at numerous areas of photography his niche is portrait. Below is one great example of his portrait work. Body painting by Cheryl Ann Lipstreu and model is Britany Jones.

Eddie Reynolds Photography, Model, Britany Jones, Painter, Cheryl Ann LipstreuWhy does he love photography? Eddie states, “Photography taught me to cope. Photography is the ultimate friend to me. It allows me to speak without words. It was my first love.”

Eddie Reynolds Photography2Something many might not know about Eddie… “I am addicted to guitar gear.”

Eddie Reynolds PhotographyHere are some tips on photography Eddie offered:

1. Practice. Practice. Practice. Everyday!
2. Accept nothing less than the extraordinary.
3. Utilize the materials you have to their optimum abilities. I started off with a twenty dollar pocket camera and that twenty dollar pocket camera taught me composition. Oh and Youtube is your best friend for tips and tricks.

Head over and ‘like’ his Facebook page and check out his Flickr album.