Happy Pixels Photography

September’s Photographer of the Month is Happy Pixels Photography!

Happy Pixels Photography is owned by Stephanie Richardson who is from & resides in Lewisville, NC. She grew up “loving the way a picture could capture the love, laughter and life of a certain moment”.

Stephanie RichardsonHer style of photography is simplistic-real and her goal is for her pictures to always catch the happiness and capture the “true” person. She likes bright colors, sunshine, soft edges, smiles, laughter and those sweet moments between people when they think no one is watching.

Stephanie Richardson PhotographyThree simple and easy photo taking tips:

Stephanie Richardson Photography

  1. Always be near a good light source but not directly in-front of it. Stand near a window or open doorway, Natural light is always more friendly to our skin tones.
  2. Try to keep your pictures simple, Don’t overload your background with objects. You want your subject to be the center of attention in your photo.
  3. Always make sure to focus on your subject, Blurry pictures are never good. Most cameras have an auto focus, this is a great tool. Allow the camera to “auto focus” before snapping your picture. Most cameras will auto focus if you push the shutter Stephanie Richardson Photographybutton down to the halfway point and then push the button all the way down to take the shot.

To learn more about Happy Pixels Photography or schedule a shoot ‘like’ her Facebook page or send her an email at srichardson1106@gmail.com.