J. Sinclair Photography

October’s Photographer of the Month is J. Sinclair Photography!

J. Sinclair Photography is owned by Jay Sinclair, who is a local freelance photographer specializing in editorial, travel, cuisine, and architectural photographs.

Jay SinclairJay’s photos have been featured in numerous magazines ranging from local Winston Salem Monthly Magazine to statewide Our State Magazine and even airways magazines like US Airways Magazine and Delta’s Sky Magazine.

J. Sinclair PhotographyHere are three photo tips from Jay on three areas: restaurants, real estate and headshots.

Restaurants… I think it’s great to take phone pics and non-pro photos for social media and blogs. The informality in fact, might be a plus. However, for your website and print materials, get professionally done photos, if at all possible. I would even say it’s better to not use any photos versus using badly light and presented photos of your main products… your food and your restaurant space!

J. Sinclair PhotographyReal Estate… Professional photos can make a difference in selling a higher end home but good enough can be good enough for more modest homes. However, lots of photographs used in listings are not good enough. The three biggest areas I see that can easily be corrected are:

1) Use a tripod. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Even an inexpensive one can properly stabilize your camera. This will let you take photos when the light is too low to handhold without getting blurry images, which is often the case inside a home.

2) Learn how to adjust the white balance on your camera. Although it’s changing with the new types of lighting, incandescent lighting is still very common and gives a strong yellow/orange color cast to your inside photos. By correcting for this in your camera, you’ll get cleaner, brighter looking photos that will go further in attracting a buyer to your home.

3) Pay attention to your straight lines. With the camera on the tripod, you can easily adjust so the horizon is straight and the wall and furniture edges are vertical.

J. Sinclair PhotographyBusiness Head Shots… you need one and you need it to be fairly current. It doesn’t have to be a studio shot unless your company/organization has a requirement for that. In fact, if you can avoid a standard issue, done a million times, studio lit, gray background head shot, it can allow you to stand out and present a warmer, more personable image. It doesn’t have to be professionally done but it’s important that the lighting is soft and flattering. Late in the afternoon, early morning or an overcast day can all be good times to get flattering natural lighting.

For more information on J. Sinclair Photography visit his webpage or ‘like’ his Facebook page.