Jenna Domingo Photography

June’s Photographer of the Month is Jenna Domingo Photography!

Jenna Domingo Photography is owned by Jenna Domingo. Jenna currently resides and runs her photography business from Clemmons but is a New York native. She knew at the early age of 5 she she was meant to be a photographer and capture life’s special moments.

Jenna Domingo
Jenna Domingo and her family

Jenna specializes in couple, family and event photography. She, unlike many photographers, takes the time to get to know her clients. She enjoys getting to know the parents and the children which makes everyone more comfortable during the photo session.

Jenna Domingo PhotographyHere are three tips from Jenna Domingo Photography on taking photos and preparing for a shoot.

1. Lighting is very important when it comes to photography. My first tip or bit of advice is to use natural light whenever possible. When I do indoor shoots I set up in front of a large window. A window will create beautiful catchlights in the subjects eyes which brings them to life! Without catchlights, the subject’s eyes will look rather dull. Studio lighting can also provide nice catchlights and is a good alternative to natural light.

Jenna Domingo Photography2. My second tip is with regards to what time of day to have your photos taken. The best time of day to shoot is around sunrise or sunset because the sun is low in the sky and does not create harsh shadows on your face or under your eyes. It also causes children and adults to squint which never makes for good photos. The bright light can also blow out facial feature and colors of your clothes so it is not recommended to take photos in full sun. If timing doesn’t work out to take photos at sunrise or sunset I will try to take photos in the shade to avoid the harsh sun.

3. My last tip is about what to wear for your photos! I would wear something you are comfortable in and always like to see bright, bold colors as well as different layers, chunky jewelry, hats, scarves, etc. If taking family portraits it is not necessary to have everyone in matching colors, this can cause the photos to look rather flat. Instead coordinate 3-4 different colors for instance: white, navy, yellow and green. My fourth tip, and I know you did not ask for four, but I wanted to share this. In my experience the best photos happen within the first 5 minutes or the last 5 minutes of the session. I usually take a few photos and then let the child be themselves. If you have a young child it is normal for them to run around and act, well, as a child! It is very hard to ask them to sit here, smile now, etc. I do aim for those types of photos but I also like action shots as well. Try to relax and I will capture them running, exploring, smelling flowers, playing with leaves, etc!

Jenna Domingo PhotographyFor more information on Jenna Domingo Photography or to set up a session visit her website or ‘like’ her page on Facebook.