Fund Raising & Marketing Services for Non-Profit Organizations

At Across the Horizons we know that Non-Profit Organizations (Non-Profits/NPOs) not only serve for worthy causes but also have very limited budgets. So we work with these organizations to help them get the most ‘bang for their buck’.

Marketing Planning

There are so many free or low-price marketing options out there, such as social media networks. Across the Horizons can create marketing plans and strategies customized to a Non-Profits needs, audience and budget.

Specialized Non-Profit Financial Plans

We will help Non-Profits adjust their financial plans that include a marketing budget that can expand their reach and clients, but not break the bank.

Event Planning with Minimal Budgets

We can help Non-Profits plan and implement wonderful events but on a minimal budget. There are many ways to spend less but still get more in event planning. At Across the Horizons we help Non-Profits learn and execute these strategies.

Vendor Relationships

In addition to our specialized event planning for Non-Profits we also have a network of vendors that can provide services for events and Non-Profits at affordable prices.