Neo Media

May’s Photographer of the Month is Neo Media!

Neo Media is owned and run by Neil Tolbert and Ed Simmons. Neo Media, Inc. also manages the ‘Village of Clemmons‘ UNOFFICIAL community site for the residents and businesses of Clemmons and surrounding communities of Lewisville, Bermuda Run, Advance and Western Forsyth County.

neo media flightAmong other photography and marketing efforts Neo Media provides amazing arial shots. Below is an aerial shot of the Clemmons exit that they use in the Village of Clemmons social media & marketing sites.

clemmons exit aerial shotHere are some tips from Neo Media on photography, especially on what they advise when doing aerial photography.

Neo Media - Snow PlowThe important thing with business photography is trying to convey the message that you want your customers to have of your company. The adage about first impressions is true… you only get one chance, so a really great photo for your advertising or social media site is critical. At Neo, we do a lot of event coverage for branded communities and for business/ community websites and Facebook pages and the variety is a lot of fun.

As always, its important to plan out what you are really trying to convey in your images and don’t be afraid to take a lot of exposures with slightly different settings to get the effect you want.

With our aerial shots, depending on the aircraft, altitude, and lighting, you need to think through the Aperture size and shutter speeds depending on how you want the picture to look.  We usually have two cameras with two lenses onboard to avoid the delay in changing lenses for a particular shot.

downtown Winston salem by Neo MediaYou will need a big enough lens to capture the detail you want from the altitude you are flying.  This seems like a no-brainer, but you can have too much lens for the shot you are trying to take, so this is where the multiple cameras works well.

Leaning out of a moving aircraft at 100mph in 40degree weather involves a lot of luck and awareness to capture the shots just right.  You also need to plan for the lighting, lots of shots from the air can be ruined by shadows, and you may need to use a polarized lens to account for reflections from rooftops or the tops of cars.

Looking through a camera lens in a moving plane will really confuse your inner ear, so take some airsickness medication and eat lightly before taking to the air. While in the air, take a break from shooting pictures and orient yourself to the horizon occasionally to help avoid issues.

For more information on Neo Media contact Ed Simmons or Neil Tolbert, visit their website or unofficial Village of Clemmons Facebook page.