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NEWS!! – We will be launching our re-brand this May, so be on the lookout for it!

~February 2016 – We are so happy to announce that our Sandy Harper, VP of Across the Horizons, delivered her second baby. A girl this time whose name is Savannah Jane Harper. Please help us in congratulating her!

~July 2015 – We were grateful to have two wonderful guest bloggers this month.

  • René Rodriguez a successful entrepreneur shares his tips on succeeding.
  • Actor Jack Turner gives some marketing insight from his days at working at Google.

~June 2015 – We had a great time joining The Moleskin Diary movie crew & cast during this month to help with their social media and public relations. Be sure to head over to their Facebook page to see all the behind the scenes photos we as well as Urban Bloom Photography took and the press coverage Across the Horizons got this wonderful film.

~March 2015 – Congrats to our Student Blog Winner Kevin Flanagan! Read his blog here. We hope to run this contest again in the fall!

~January 2015 – This was an exciting month for Suzy Fielders, President of Across the Horizons, as she had a cover story with Winston-Salem Monthly (click here to read) and was featured on Fox8 news! Click here to watch the clip and here to read the article she wrote for Triad Moms on Main that inspired the news clip on volunteering with kids.

~April 2014 – We had another awesome panel of guest bloggers this month!

~February 2014 – we conducted two social media photo contests this month – the first one was horizon photos and the second was snow photos. We are pleased to say the winner of the horizons contest was Jenna Domingo and the winner of the snow contest was Megan Gioeli. Photos pictured below!


Across the Horizons~January 2014 – We are thrilled to launch our Horizons album and contest! The contest is simple, the photo with the most ‘likes’ in this album wins! So go through and like your favorite photos. The contest will run until 4 p.m. Sunday February 9. The winner will receive a gift card to Mary’s Gourmet Diner. We will announce the winner shortly after the contest ends… good luck!


~Suzy Fielders had another article featured in Forsyth Family Magazine in the October 2013 Issue.

~We are so happy to announce that our Sandy Harper, VP of Across the Horizons, is expecting her first baby. She is due with a baby boy on August 24. Please help us in congratulating her!! UPDATE – Noah Sidney Harper was born on August 22, 2013!

~Additionally, we have another exciting piece of news to share. Suzy Fielders, President of Across the Horizons, had two articles featured in Winston Salem Monthly Magazine. The first is on living gluten free and the second is on parks in Forsyth County.

~July 2014 – we were very excited to announce we are featured five guest bloggers:

~View photos from our recent company photo shoot to meet the Across the Horizons team!

~Suzy Fielders, President of Across the Horizons, wrote an article published in the January 2013 issue in Forsyth Family Magazine – click the following link to read the article: Allergy Article – Forsyth Fam Mag.

~Across the Horizons attended the 2012 Small Business Tour in Greensboro to learn more about ‘the cloud’, small business financing, and the latest in marketing trends. Click for more photos.

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