Urban Bloom Photography

January’s Photographer of the Month is Urban Bloom Photography.

Urban Bloom Photography is owned by local couple Joey & Brook Cutts. Both have a deep love for photography which shines through in their work. Find out more about this photography team & couple by reading their about page.

Brook Cutts of Urban Bloom Photography
Brook Cutts of Urban Bloom Photography
Joey Cutts of Urban Bloom Photography
Joey Cutts of Urban Bloom Photography

Urban Bloom Photography specialize in wedding and portrait photography. For local small business owners out there portrait photography is ideal for having individual and team images for use on websites & social media. They conducted our photo shoot in March 2013 and we were very pleased with the results. To view the images they took for us, click here.

Urban Bloom Photography
Portrait Photography by Urban Bloom

Here are 3 tips by Urban Bloom Photography for local small businesses wanting to do a photo shoot for themselves, their team and/or products.

1.  Get to know your photographer(s) and their style.  There are many different types of photography out there.  Make sure that you find a photographer that will fit with the idea or point you are trying to get across. There are three photography styles that are very popular today.  First, is the “clean” look.  This means that the photographer uses little to no post-processing of the images.  They may smoothen the face or take out blemishes, but that is about all of the editing that is done.  Second, is the “matte” look.  This is a style that gives photos more of a vintage feel.  The blacks in the image are flat and the colors are muted to give them less vibrancy and saturation. Third is the “vibrant” look.  This look gives the images very bold colors and a lot of contrast. There isn’t any one style that is right or wrong, you just need to find a style that fits what you are looking for.

Urban Bloom Photography2.  Find out what your photographer offers.  If you want pictures made in a studio, make sure that the photographer specializes in studio photography.  I know this is common sense, but look at the photographer’s portfolio before you reach out to them.  You should find out a number of other things, like if the photographers travel to shoot on location?  What are the prices?  One of the big questions we get from our clients is ‘do we give a digital release of the images from our session’.  This means do we give the client the digital negative of the images so they can have prints made themselves.  This is a big debate in the photography world.  We do give the client the digital negatives and print release.  The reason we do this is because our prices are all inclusive.  You get the session and a disk with all of the edited/ high resolution images.  Many photographers will not release their digital images because they make money from selling prints.  So, if you want images for a website or an advertisement, make sure that you can get the digital negatives or purchase them from your photographer.

3.  Finalize everything through a Urban Bloom Photographycontract.  There are many variables involved with photography.  A contract puts everything in writing and covers both the client and the photographer if there are any issues.  Some things that can happen are sicknesses, a misunderstanding of the location, date, or time.  Something else you should find out is when you should expect your images.  If your company is working to meet a deadline you need it in writing as to when you will receive your images.  Also, accidents do happen!  What if the photographer loses images because of a bad card or a computer crash?  Will there be a refund?  Will there be a reshoot?  All of this should be addressed in the contract.

For more information on or to set up a shoot with Urban Bloom Photography visit their website.

Q&A with Urban Bloom Photography:

Q: “What’s your favorite setting in Winston Salem to shoot or have photos taken?”

A: We love to shoot in a variety of places. Our family has farmland that we shoot at a lot and we have friends who let us use their property for sessions. We also love using an urban background. A lot really depends on what type of session it is and what type of setting the client is looking for.

Q: Any places or types of places that should be avoided??

A: Nothing really comes to mind… but I will tell you a little about our style. We see places that might not look so great, but end up looking awesome in an image. We love lots of textures, but we also love wide open spaces. One “area” that we personally avoid are areas that have big green bushes. For some reason I think that the subject gets lost in the image and it can throw the exposure off.

Q: What if you want to have it on site somewhere (say Tanglewood Park) do you have to go about getting permission first to shoot at places like that?

A: Good question. There are places that require you to get permission first such as Reynolda Gardens. You just need to contact the office and let them know. We have only shot at Tanglewood a couple of times and we shot in the public areas. Old Salem has information for photographers in their main office about where and where not to shoot. 95% of the places we shoot are on private property with permission.

Q: How important are clothes colors and textures for a good photo?

A: We encourage our clients to wear what they feel comfortable in. We are not big on every person color coordinating or wear the same thing. Of course I wouldn’t suggest colors that clash, but you can still be an individual in a group. I say an absolute NO to shirts with huge logos.

Q: What kind of cameras do you use?

A: We both use a Canon 5D Mark II. We don’t carry a lot of gear. Brook shoots with a Canon 50mm 1.2 and I shoot with a 35mm 1.4. Sometimes we will switch up lenses, but that is usually what we stick with.

Q: Whose work has influenced you both?

A: We like a lot of different styles of photography. We love the look of film so a lot of our post processing is done to give our images that vintage film look. There are so many photographers out there that we follow to get inspiration from, but the main ones we love are Dylan and Sara Photography, Sam Hurd Photography, and Nessa K Photography. We are actually traveling to Baltimore this summer to have Nessa to shoot our family.

Q: How does weather factor in? When do you decide to cancel/reschedule and when do you still try the shoot?

A: That is one of the toughest situations for us to deal with. We have made mistakes where we called off a shoot and 10 minutes later the sun came out and it was beautiful. Since then we let the client make the decision. We shot a bridal session in the rain and it was awesome. We let her make the decision and her response was “My hair and make-up is done we are doing this session!” lol!